MANIA Meets SpaceTribe Candy


Press Release
MANIA presents: MANIA meets Spacetribe Candy!!!
Opening: Summer Gallery Night 6-11pm
Borgward Collective
823 W. National Ave.
Milwaukee, WI USA

The BorgWard Collective and Mania Fine Art are pleased to announce MANIA meets Spacetribe Candy!!! This is a unique presentation of work by Brooklyn-based artist John Gatti and Milwaukee’s own Jesse Englebrecht. The opening reception is on Milwaukee’s Summer Gallery Night, Friday, July 29th from 6-11pm at 823 W National Ave. Original works of art, as well as prints, zines, and t-shirts of the artists’ work will be available for purchase. Visit the artist’s websites at and
Engelbrecht and Gatti graduated together in 2008 from Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, where they shared an appetite for high productivity and an uncensored approach to art- making. In Mania meets Spacetribe Candy!!!, their work collides in an eruption of impulsive, emotive work investigating the human experience with honesty and wit. These two artists are unified through themes of spirituality, violence, and self-investigation in reaction to being human in modern society. They are also unified through their heavy use of black and white imagery, which through the absence of color, intensifies the visual results and themes of their personal investigations.
John Gatti, a native of Lawrence, Kansas, creates an inventive visionary world through a multi-disciplinary installation comprised of works on paper, sculptures, and the debut of his brand new animation entitled Invaders from the Sky. Gatti tells the mythical story of Spacetribe Candy- a primitive group of aliens tragically invaded by technologically advanced Reptilians striving to achieve intergalactic domination. Inspired by modern science fiction, origin stories, religious systems, and spirituality Gatti utilizes hand drawn interlocking geometric patterns to explore issues of the human condition: Its origins, myths, rituals, warfare, and spirituality. John Gatti will be wearing a ceremonial space costume as part of his artistic experience.
Jesse Engelbrecht’s work, otherwise known as MANIA, uses the language of drawing to plunge to the depths of the subconscious. He returns with a discontinuous journalistic look at his experiences, passions, and fears, which are revealed through chaotic images spanning from harmless and fun to violent and explicit reactions to the present human condition. Jesse’s work can be simultaneously un-nerving and inspirational. He will be presenting a brand new 4 x12 ft. colossal free hand ink drawing, hundreds of hours in the making, as well as random works from the past year and new printed zine style collections of drawings.
The BorgWard Collective is a venue which sustains artist creative endeavors through studio spaces, shows, and donations. They work to promote a wide array of emerging and established artists united in independent ethics and experimental DIY tactics. MANIA works in conjunction with the BorgWard collective curating shows that encourage artists to fully utilize and transform the experimental gallery. Recent shows include Kyle Eagle from NY, Adam Werther of Adambomb, and John Kowalczyk, currently in residence at Redline Milwaukee. This show is sure to be a vital component of Milwaukee’s fine art culture this summer.

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